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ILF law firm was founded in 1994. It was started by research fellows of the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law Academy and a group of practicing lawyers.


clients in 2015-2018

Among our clients are heads of international companies and owners of rapidly expanding Ukrainian business: Mamin Dom, Dish Network, Avon, Basf, Volvo Ukraine, Westron, SPS Commerce.


cases in 2015-2018

98% of them resolved in favor of our clients




May 17, 2019
Ivan Bondarchuk
Ivan Bondarchuk
What stands in the way of investments in energy efficiency

Expediency, pragmatism, refraining from overconsumption - these are the trends in modern society. The quest for energy efficiency is a natural step in this direction. An echo of global trends is reaching our country too.

April 26, 2019
Olexiy Holivin
Olexiy Holivin
Do it by Friday: on the workweek reduction trend

 The Labor Code mentions only a 5-day or 6-day workweek, but this does not mean that employers cannot change the workday or workweek duration. Business, courts and even regulatory authorities - all of them understand that Ukrainian labor legislation lags far behind the real needs of society today (it satisfies neither employees nor employers).


March 21, 2019
Kateryna Zaslavska
Kateryna Zaslavska
Arsen Buchkovskii
Arsen Buchkovskii
Banksy, Hamlet and street art. How to protect your mural

 Modern art is everywhere these days. When going out in the morning, you can easily stumble on a graffiti of a gorilla in a pink mask painted on the walls, which could simply turn out to be a creation of some unrecognized genius from next door - or Banksy himself.


May 17, 2019
ILF is legal partner of the National Biennale of Young Art

In September-October of this year Kharkiv will be hosting the second national Biennale of Young Art. Over one and a half months, exhibitions, discussions and lectures will be organized at more than ten locations, many of which have never before hosted contemporary art projects.

April 24, 2019
Private medical practice: Nika Korelova clarifies terms of partnership

The medical reform has stirred up the market and inspired many doctors to start a private practice. Now primary healthcare doctors can count on guaranteed income from the National Healthcare Service offering their patients free injections under the state program, issuing sick leave certificates and prescriptions for Accessible Medicines, etc.