May 27, 2021 7421

Congratulations to Oleksiy Golovin on his promotion to senior lawyer!

We at ILF value people that push us forward, help us develop and grow. One such proactive member of our team is Oleksiy Golovin, and we are happy to announce that from now on he is a senior lawyer at ILF and leads a team working on projects in several areas.

Oleksiy's main area of expertise is labor consulting and disputes. The services he provides include:

  • Preparing custom-tailored employment contracts
  • Developing and implementing collective agreements
  • Creating personnel management systems, specifically in the context of efficiency and motivation
  • Assisting with the implementation of complex work schedules in companies
  • Advising employers on hiring, firing, vacations, overtime pay, etc.
  • Providing legal support in labor disputes
  • Providing legal support during inspections by the State Labor Service and in contesting their findings

Oleksiy Golovin and his team are also implementing a number of projects in the field of healthcare. For more than three years he has been assisting dozens of Ukrainian medical institutions in the process of going autonomous, specifically with developing charters and collective agreements, introducing paid medical services, establishing systems for monitoring the implementation of contracts with the National Health Service, etc.

The team’s other areas include industry, commerce and services, culture and education. Also, together with Kateryna Zaslavska they are involved in projects aimed at improving the efficiency of personnel.

A lawyer who’s constantly evolving, who focuses on the client's needs and sincerely wants to help, both as a professional and as a fellow human, one who is result-oriented - all this describes Oleksiy Golovin perfectly. We are happy to support him and walk alongside him on this path. We wish Oleksiy and his team countless new victories and interesting projects, as well as inexhaustible reserves of energy and inspiration!