Labor disputes and consulting

Aleksey Holivin associate

Over the past 10 years we have won 150 labor cases for our clients. We provide consultations to business owners and executives on regulating relations with their employees, remunerations and evaluations, hiring foreigners, staff reorganization and layoffs, work safety and security.

Partner on labor practice Serhiy Silchenko is among TOP 5 leading Ukrainian lawyers working with labor law according to Ukrainian Law Firms 2015-2018. As Head of the Labor Law Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association, Serhiy is actively involved in legislative activities, including the preparation and discussion of the new Labor Code of Ukraine.

Our services

Layoffs and labor disputes

Do you wish to fire a difficult or inefficient employee? We can help you choose the correct grounds for terminating labor relations and observe the whole procedure in accordance with the law. If necessary, we can handle communication with the employee. Should the employee oppose the dismissal, we will assess the prospects of settling the dispute in court. Deep understanding of legislation and legal practice helps us anticipate the actions of dismissed employees and prepare an efficient court defense strategy to protect the employer.

Internal labor documents of companies

Current labor legislation fails to reflect the needs of business in many aspects. That is why we prepare labor agreements and bylaws that ensure flexibility of relations between employer and employee. We can also adapt contracts and internal work standards of international companies to Ukrainian legislation.

We will design a system of incentive payments and bonuses based on performance indicators and help implement it in documents: collective agreement, labor contract with employees, or regulations on employee evaluation, wages and other bylaws.

Handling labor inspections

First we will analyze your company’s business processes and documents, hold training classes for your team and tell them how to act before, during and after inspections. We will handle the talking with regulatory authorities during inspections. We will prepare replies to official inquiries taking into account specific circumstances of your case and strategy of further protection. If necessary, we will appeal the actions and decisions of regulatory authorities in court.

Relations with employees

We can help you register relations with new employees and contractors (individual entrepreneurs). We can prepare contracts that will determine obligations of the new team members, as well as terms of their remuneration and bonuses. We will establish the procedure for the contract's premature termination. In addition, we will prepare confidentiality agreements for your employees and contractors (individual entrepreneurs) in order to protect the company’s data and trade secrets (such as customer profiles, pricing policy, knowhow, etc.) from unsanctioned dissemination.

If you wish to hire a foreign employee, we can:

  • prepare necessary documents;
  • secure work permits;
  • register documents for the employee’s temporary residence in Ukraine;
  • handle communication with employment services, State Migration Service and other authorities.



Aug. 7, 2019
Aleksey Holivin
Aleksey Holivin
What employment contracts can make your business more successful

Lately the State Fiscal Service has been persistently monitoring the hiring circumstances of employees at enterprises of various industries.Thus, in January-June 2019, 42.7% of audited business entities were found guilty of violations in the payment of salaries and other remuneration.

Aug. 6, 2019
Kateryna Zaslavska
Kateryna Zaslavska
HR crisis: how to make employees more efficient

“Employees are inefficient”, “they misunderstand their tasks”, “we’re not getting desired results” - this is heard increasingly often from CEO’s and other executives. Management, as usual, blames the staff, calling them low-skilled, infantile, passive whet it comes to decision-making as well as other unflattering epithets.

July 18, 2019
Strengthening control over the employer. Predictiont from Sergey Silchenko

Instead of promoting legal use of hired labor in Ukraine and adopting a new Labor Code, the state only tightened control. This is one of the key trends in this area in 2018.