Starting, reorganizing and closing a business

Arsen Buchkovskii of counsel

For 20 years and counting we have been helping Ukrainian and foreign clients start and run their business in Ukraine, choose a form of business in Ukraine and plan the tax load. We take into account the format for hiring employees and interacting with the end consumer of products/services, as well as specifics of industry regulation (IT, farming, food industry, financial services, construction, etc.).

Our services

For those seeking to enter the Ukrainian market

If your company is about to enter the Ukrainian market, we can provide advice on business models available in Ukraine, taxes, required licenses and permits. We can help you register your company or agency, rent or purchase an office and equipment, formalize relations with employees and get a permit for foreign businessmen to operate in Ukraine.

For those starting a business or launching a startup

Are you starting a business from scratch or launching a new business project? We can help with legal issues: choosing a legal structure (LLC or another type of legal entity, individual entrepreneur, or some other variation), taking into account business specifics and most beneficial taxing, registering it, and preparing necessary contracts with employees, counterparties and business partners.

For those wishing to reorganize business and assets

If you plan on transferring the assets and business of one company to another or dividing functions and assets between several entities, we can develop a step-by-step algorithm for the transfer. We can explain how to conduct deals on property transfer and how to register them, and we will also calculate tax implications and prepare required documents. If necessary, we will take on communication with all parties to the process, so that the transfer of business is carried out on schedule.

We will also help with current changes to the company’s status:

  • establishing new management or regulatory units;
  • changing a director or office location;
  • changing the area of activity or organization form (such as the transition from joint-stock company to LLC).

We will prepare all necessary documents, hold a general meeting and register changes.

For those closing down their business

If a company wishes to terminate its activities, we can explain how to do it properly: through liquidation of legal entity, sale or bankruptcy. We will prepare documents, undertake communication with regulatory authorities, set up a general meeting with shareholders and return investment remaining after business termination to the founder.



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