Contracts and deals

Arsen Buchkovskii of counsel

Billions of people and companies make deals every day, buying products, works and services. Each deal is an agreement (contract) with specific terms, opportunities and risks for each party, either obvious or hidden.

For more than 20 years we have been helping our clients buy or sell business, real estate, construction materials, land, software, trademarks, agricultural produce and food. We prepare agreements (contracts) and ensure their compliance with the law. We make sure that both parties equally and fully realize the terms of the deal. We find risks in contracts that could lead to the loss of money and property or severed ties with counterparties. We assist in negotiations with demanding counterparties.


Our services

For the buyers

If you intend to buy real estate, transport, securities or costly services, we can make the deal safe for you. We will check whether the seller/contractor has the right to sell the property or provide a service, find out if the property has any encumbrances on it (e.g. mortgage, homeowner’s loans, seizures, etc.) and help you formalize the contract and protect your business interests. We will also calculate tax implications of the deal and handle talks with demanding counterparties.

ДFor those working with foreign clients

We can help strike a deal with foreign clients. We will prepare your documents and check those of your client. If a client suggests his own version of a contract, we will make sure that it protects your interests: reflects all arrangements, clearly determines obligations and terms for their fulfillment, and contains no hidden risks, tax implications or penalties. If necessary, we can help persuade your client to make required changes to the contract.

For the renters

Are you planning to open a new office? We can assist with rent agreements. We will draw up a new contract from scratch or check the one suggested by the owner. We will make sure that the owner is authorized to rent out the premises, provide consultations regarding the deal’s tax implications, establish in documents a transparent mechanism for the payment of rent and compensation of utilities, as well exhaustive and clear grounds for the premature termination of rent.

For those hiring new employees

We can help you formalize relations with new employees and contractors (individual entrepreneurs). We will prepare contracts that will clearly determine obligations of the new team members and the terms of their remuneration and bonuses. We will establish the procedure for the contract's premature termination. In addition, we will prepare confidentiality agreements for your employees and contractors (individual entrepreneurs) in order to protect the company’s data and trade secrets (e.g. customer profiles, pricing policy, knowhow, etc.) from unsanctioned dissemination.

Our lawyers will help prepare standard agreements for your business: contracts with clients, employees, suppliers or contractors. We will determine what agreements you need and what provisions should be put in them. We will compose the text of the contracts and complementary instructions, so that your accountants or staff lawyers can use them correctly in any situation.



July 17, 2019
Olexiy Kharytonov
Olexiy Kharytonov
Arsen Buchkovskii
Arsen Buchkovskii
Corporate management in Ukraine is getting more flexible

In 2018, the Law “On Companies with Additional and Limited Liability” (LLC law) came into force in Ukraine. It cleared up the legal status of most companies in the country (those registered in this form) and made relations between members more flexible.

June 21, 2019
Olexandra Nezhelskya
Olexandra Nezhelskya
Who to contact when buying real estate - a realtor or a lawyer?

Real estate (buildings, facilities, land) in Ukraine remains one of the most popular assets for investment. There are several reasons for this: volatility of the hryvnia, low confidence in banks and pension programs, underdeveloped stock market, etc.

May 6, 2019
Ivan Bondarchuk
Ivan Bondarchuk
Household solar power plants: who and why is inconvenienced by new legislation

On April 25, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted bill No. 8449-d, radically changing regulations in the renewable energy sector. Among other things, the law received amendment No. 24, which limits the ability of owners of solar power plants located on the grounds of private households to sell electricity at a higher price (the "green" rate) than that of electricity produced at conventional power plants.