Loans for leasehold on land. ILF represents agricompanies

ILF attorneys Anna Zhebeleva and Andrey Poddymai, under guidance of Alexey Kharitonov, successfully represented a large agribusiness in a dispute on leasehold rights for 14,000 hectares of land.

Three parties were involved: the previous holder, the bank, and ILF’s client that acquired leasehold rights on 14,000 hectares of agricultural land from the bank.

Earlier, when the previous holder failed to return the loan, the bank opted to take the collateral as payment – the mentioned leasehold rights. Unfit for agriculture itself, the bank signed a contract that transferred said rights as well the claim rights on the debt to ILF’s client.

The former holder protested the transaction and tried to hinder the fulfillment of the contract by denying access to the land and nullifying the pledge and cession agreements.

Sound litigation strategy and simultaneous handling of several cases at once allowed ILF’s client to keep the rights and strike a mutually beneficial deal with the land’s actual owners.

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