ILF lawyers protect client’s property in Crimea

ILF litigation partner Olexiy Kharytonov preserved the assets of a large investment company located on the Crimean coast worth over UAH 10 million.

After occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the self-proclaimed government initiated the procedure of nationalization. ILF’s client owned a plot of land that was at risk of being nationalized. The client’s property rights were confirmed by a Ukrainian court in 2002. The Ministry of Property and Land Relations of Crimea attempted to overrule that decision through one of Russian arbitration courts.

ILF lawyers provided evidence of the baselessness of such claims, which the Russian court agreed with and reasserted the client’s property rights for the land. The Ministry of Property and Land Relations launched an appeal against this ruling.

Since the re-examination of the Ukrainian court’s decision by a Russian court constitutes a violation of the legal certainty principle of the European Convention on Human Rights, ILF lawyers are preparing an address to the European Court on Human Rights on behalf of the client.


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