ILF provides legal support to construction of distribution center for trading network in western Ukraine

ILF provided legal advice to one of Ukraine’s largest retail chains in the acquisition of industrial real estate and land property rights used for the construction of a distribution center.

ILF lawyers Veronika Vasilchenko, Yekaterina Oleynik and Maksim Morozov, under the guidance of investment consulting partner Anton Zinchuk, conducted a comprehensive legal audit of the real estate and respective land plot. The lawyers analyzed the legality of the acquisition and use of industrial facilities, as well as the restrictions on the sale of such assets; identified associated risks and prepared risk management solutions for the client. The audit helped the lawyers plan out the purchase of the real estate and land plot, which was municipal property at the time. In particular, the lawyers suggested signing a series of preliminary and main contracts on the purchase of real estate and redemption of the land plot by the client further down the line. Risk management and well-planned transactions allowed the client to take the lead in negotiations with the real estate owner, reduce the price and put beneficial provisions in contracts.

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