Protection in criminal cases

Olexiy Kharytonov partner

ILF lawyers protect business owners and executives of Ukrainian and international companies from criminal prosecution. We can help you defend your business in case of corporate raids or dishonest actions by competitors. We can protect business reputation in the information field and prevent unlawful investigative procedures.

10 lawyers on our team are always ready to respond. Depending on the situation, we can provide advice on the phone, arrive on site or prepare court defense.

The firm’s partner Olexiy Kharytonov heads dispute resolution and representation in criminal cases in ILF. In 2017 Olexiy was included in TOP 5 best litigators of Ukraine (“Legal Awards” by the Yuridicheskaya Praktika (Legal Practice).

Our services

Legal security of business

We can conduct a quick audit of your company to identify and eliminate factors that could lead to criminal prosecution of the company’s officers.

We can prepare guidelines and internal provisions that will limit potential claims by law enforcement.

We can instruct your team: how to act around investigators, during searches and interrogations and in other extreme situations.

Representation during investigation and in extreme situations

We will reply to the inquiries of investigators. We will handle all communications with them. We will protect your company and employees during investigative procedures: search, interrogation, crime re-enactment, etc.

We will collect evidence to disprove charges and appeal in court against unlawful actions (inaction) of investigators and prosecutors.

Representation in court

We represent our clients in court in criminal cases. We know how to get compensation for moral and material damage done to you and your business reputation.

Corporate corruption

We can protect the interests of your company and top managers in corporate corruption cases: at the pre-trial investigation stage (interrogation, access to belongings and documents, etc.) and in court. We will teach your employees anti-corruption measures and, if necessary, conduct an internal investigation.



May 10, 2018
Olexiy Kharytonov
Olexiy Kharytonov
Olga Tarasenko
Olga Tarasenko
Video recordings of surgeries. How can patients protect themselves on the operating table

A patient lying on the operating table seemingly has no rights: neither he nor his family knows what the surgeons are doing. Only the surgeon performing the operation sees the whole picture. Patients might detect an error quickly or after a long time.

Jan. 25, 2018
Olexiy Kharytonov
Olexiy Kharytonov
Olexiy Kharytonov on how to protect your honor, dignity and business reputation

Has a colleague insulted you? Can this be considered an abuse of your honor, dignity and business reputation, and should you sue that colleague? Is this freedom of speech or an insult to your dignity? Should you involve law enforcement in these situations?