Deals involving state and municipal property

Tetyana Gavrysh managing partner

Decentralization and foreign policy are changing the game rules of Ukraine's market of state assets. Rather than just a passive administrator, the state is becoming an actual manager of its assets. And it needs those assets to yield steady income. That is why the government is looking for investors and renters that are willing to breathe new life into old buildings, enterprises and other facilities.

This kind of partnership benefits both sides: the state uses external resources to renovate social infrastructure or get rid of illiquid property, and the investor gets the right to use the assets and thus gets access to already established sales markets.

ILF team handled the first small and large privatization projects in 1995-1996. Over the next 20 years we have been helping private investors with public-private partnership projects in agriculture, aviation, education, healthcare and pharmacy.

ILF managing partner Tetyana Gavrysh is among TOP 20 leading experts on PPPs and investment. “Client's Choice” rating: TOP 100 best lawyers of Ukraine 2017, Yuridicheskaya Gazeta (Legal Newspaper).

Our services

Contract forms for PPPs (concession, rent, joint venture and management)

If you plan on investing money in state-owned and municipal facilities, we can:

  • conduct an audit of the facility;
  • offer you a choice of several legal models for investment and supervision;
  • calculate tax implications and risks of each option;
  • prepare a contract that will protect the future profits of the project and invested funds.

If necessary, we can secure merger permissions in the Anti-Monopoly Committee and help you prepare tender documentation.


If you wish to privatize a facility, we can handle preliminary work and help plan the project, including the facility’s sale through bids/buyout/exchange. Specifically:

  • we will tell you how to optimize debts attached to the facility, if such exist;
  • we can handle business reorganization if it helps optimize your expenses;
  • we can prepare a contract on buying property or company shares;
  • we will represent you in talks with the authorities responsible for privatization and management of state and municipal property as well as the Anti-Monopoly Committee.

Each privatization project is unique and requires a separate approach. But we believe that our expertise will help us see the case through and get desired results.



Oct. 7, 2019
Irina Selivanova
Irina Selivanova
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Tetyana Gavrysh
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