Oct. 18, 2019 4086

Options and outstaffing: how lawyers influence the growth of IT companies

We are back from the Outsource People 2019 Kyiv where over a thousand top executives, sales managers and marketologists of IT service companies left the virtual reality for a bit to find new partners and discuss best business practices. Strategic development and new markets, pricing and lead generation policies, marketing automation, employee hiring and motivation - all of these issues involve legal solutions, which is why we set up our own space at the event, where ILF lawyers were providing their trademark easy to understand consultations. 

Our space attracted more than 100 representatives of the IT industry looking to clarify topical issues, two of which were the most painful:

  • How a corporate agreement works in a joint business  - that is, an agreement between co-owners; what things can be provided for in it and what can’t.
  • How to protect your company’s interests in an outstaffing agreement, with employees as well as with clients. This is a key document for service providing IT companies.

We presented a checklist, for the management of these companies to be able to inspect such agreements on their own, specifically in regard to privacy, protection from project abandonment and out-of-contract work with the client, as well as protection of intellectual property. This will come in handy if a contract comes from the client and there’s no time to have a lawyer study its terms properly. You can check how secure your outstaffing agreement is at this link for free: IT oustaffing checklist

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Arsen Buchkovsky and Nadiya Rogalska, lawyers from our IT department, explained to the owners and CEOs of IT companies not only the nuances of contracts with foreign clients and employees, but also the role of a lawyer in the IT business.

“Lawyers are often perceived as a service for writing quality documents and providing swift responses to legal questions. However, they are not merely document-writing specialists. A lawyer is an advisor that can help you grow your business, find and influence decisions that are not immediately obvious. For instance, providing options to employees is a popular way of motivating key employees in foreign countries. What they are, how they can improve your company's results and how to provide for mutually beneficial terms in them – these issues can be tackled by a lawyer with experience not just in IT, but also in corporate, labor and civil law,” says Arsen Buchkovsky.